It’s no secret, Route 66 is a long road! America’s “Mother Road” was built in an era of exploration and adventure. The road from Chicago to Los Angeles guarantees travelers new experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

Now there is another new and exciting way you can see one of the best-preserved stretches of treasured Route 66 from a new perspective. Route 66 Zipline offers visitors to Williams a chance to see Williams and Route 66 from the air.

Route 66 Zipline also features a mint condition 1957 Bel Air, 2-door hardtop on display at ground level.

Anyone can ride the zipline. Riders do not have to climb a tower or harness up. All it takes is to sit down and buckle a seat belt before soaring through the sky along Historic Route 66 and across Grand Canyon Blvd.

The zipline provides the perfect mix of laughs, giggles and a few screams for the whole family.

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