A truly diverse Hualapai adventure awaits you at Grand Canyon West.

The undeniable beauty of the canyon may initially draw one to Grand Canyon West (GCW), but the attraction offers activities that are fun for the whole family. A good place to begin is at the Skywalk at Eagle Point, the most popular cultural attraction at Grand Canyon West. Next, visitors can use the shuttle system and enjoy the panoramic view on top of the rocks at Guano Point. Take a ride back in time to the old Western themed Hualapai Ranch, which is only a short shuttle ride away. Whatever direction you take, rest assured that memorable adventures will be had by all at Grand Canyon West.

The Eagle Point area of the canyon was originally known as the “battleship” and was later renamed by a Hualapai to “Eagle Point” because she saw the outline of an eagle in the rock formation. Eagle Point is most famous for the U-shaped glass bridge that extends out of the canyon rim and into the sky. Visitors can walk the glass Skywalk, look straight down and see the canyon floor hundreds of feet below.

After a walk above the canyon, visitors can visit a shaded amphitheater where they can enjoy Hualapai and other Native American dancing and singing. An Indian Village features traditional Hualapai, Navajo, and Hopi dwellings.

A day at Grand Canyon West is full of choices. A great place to eat lunch is Guano Point. The ambiance is without comparison and the barbecue food is delicious.

As you enter the Hualapai Ranch, cheery old Western town storefronts, wagons traveling Main Street, and cowboys practicing their roping skills await. Take a moment to learn how to use a bow and arrow and dance to the beat of the gourd with traditional aHualapai bird dancers. Be amazed by the street magician’s sleight of hand tricks. Learn how to quick draw. And don’t forget to take a wagon ride around town.