Have you ever wanted to pet a deer? Can you imagine having your photo taken with a deer close enough to hug? Then head on over to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm.

When you visit the farm, you actually walk with a herd of fallow deer that are tame enough to eat right out of your hand. There are several bottle-raised does that are friendly and love being petted.

The fallow deer aren’t the only residents at the Deer Farm. It’s also home to reindeer, cute little wallabies, common marmoset (primate family), coatimundis (raccoon-like critters), zebu (mini cattle), mini horses, mini donkeys, pygmy goats, the lovely camel Gracie and two beautiful buffalo named Maryann and Ginger.

New to the Deer Farm are two African Crested porcupine babies and some Patagonian cavys.

There are a couple of comedians there, too, like Mozart, an umbrella cockatoo who loves to show off his talents chatting to the customers. He’s such a bold bird that Sparky, an Amazon parrot, must try extra hard to be noticed. Both birds can bark like a dog, meow like a cat, make crow sounds and chat up a storm.

The Grand Canyon Deer Farm opened in 1969 and has been a fun stop for visitors of all ages. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy the farm — it’s a great time for animal lovers of all ages.

Be sure to check out the big barn store for gifts and souvenirs including all kinds of interesting animal figurines, T-shirts, advertising tin signs, stuffed animals and giftwares.

For more information: (928) 635-4073 –  www.deerfarm.com