Isolated from the other notable structures peppered around Grand Canyon Village, Hermit’s Rest peeks out — partially concealed by the earth – just a few feet shy of the South Rim’s edge.

Originally designed in 1914 as a rest stop for Canyon visitors, the imaginative construction was dubbed the most “Mary Colter-esque” building to date, featuring her distinctive ability to create a narrative out of stone, wood, and of course, random objects she salvaged from around the southwest.

Visitors can stop in at Hermit’s Rest via Hermit Road, a scenic route on the west side of Grand Canyon Village. The road follows the rim for 7 miles (11 km) out to Hermits Rest. The route is very popular and can be accessed on a free park shuttle bus, foot, bicycle, or commercial bus tour most of the year, with private vehicles allowed only during winter months of December, January and February

Hermit Road is typicaly closed to private vehicles between March 1 and November 30.