Instead of braving traffic and crowds, some visitors opt for a more serene approach: traveling by bicycle. Bright Angel Bicycles & Café at Mather Point makes it possible.

The company offers bike rentals, tours and bike shuttles. Visitors have the option to ride out to Yaki Point on the Greenway or out to Hermit Road from Mather Point.

Adjoining the bike rental building, a fast-paced café cooks up delicious “grab and go” food and snacks, along with a full coffee bar, designed for outdoor enthusiasts from hikers to bikers.

The café has 13 items on its food menu, from chicken salad sandwiches to southwest salads. Inside retail is limited, but Bright Angel Bicycles offers most of the outdoor essentials. Lip balm, sunscreen and water bottles are just a few of the items on hand.

The café is open all year and the bike rental is seasonal — from March until there is snow on the ground. More information about Bright Angel Bicycles & Café at Mather Point is available by visiting