To learn more about how Grand Canyon really rocks, visit the museum at Yavapai Observation Station. The interactive exhibits chronicle the geological history and composition of the Canyon as well as providing a spectacular view. Admission is free.

The original museum building was dedicated in 1928.

Exhibits are devoted to geology, with the main one out beyond the windows, in the panoramic view of the Canyon.

While that main room presents the overview, both literally and academically, other exhibits look at different parts of the story in depth. A series of backlit panels use a combination of text, floor-to-ceiling visuals and interactive lessons to explain the geologic forces that shaped the Canyon and the human history that shaped what we know about it.

There is also a floor-to-ceiling model of the Canyon’s rock layers and a three-dimensional relief map tabletop.
Geologists at Northern Arizona University created global maps representing research into landscape evolutions especially for this exhibit. To read and explore everything would take about 90 minutes, though it’s also designed for the visitor who will spend considerably less time.